Welcome to the Magic

Chances are, if you've found my page you're looking for a photographer. Well, thank goodness you've found one! I'm local to the Sevierville, Tennessee (Smoky Mountains) area, more specifically Sevierville, TN. I've lived here my whole life and have traveled to the surrounding areas countless times! With being in such a high volume tourist area there's no session like the last, each encounter is a new memory for me and my clients and thankfully my clients get to take photo evidence home with them! I understand that not everyone is able to make a trip to the area, and so I'm always open to bringing the adventure to you!

How did I get the name WJC Imagery? I'm certain many people wonder where I got the name from. It's not my initals and doesn't quite seem relevant to me. Well, my grandpa and I were always close growing up, he passed away June of 2020 though. We would go to church, go on hikes, spontaneous road trips to North Carolina and more. He also had a BIG love for photography, he also had a ministry called "Warriors for Jesus Christ" so in his memory I wanted to make my name something to remember him by, thus WJC Imagery was born.

In his honor I would also like to share his favorite bible verse.

With God All Things are Possible. Mark 10:27

“These pictures look like they belong in a magazine! You did such a FANTASIC job!”

“These are so beautiful. I'm obsessed!”